Kitchen Heroes: Cornish Sea Salt


A cut above the rest..

Cornish Sea Salt takes its rightful place in the kitchen heroes archive this week.

Harvested fresh from Cornish waters, the Cornish Sea Salt company has found a unique spot on the supermarket shelves and is a regular addition to my shopping trolley.  It has a rich, intense flavour that transforms steaks, sauces, cocktails, poached eggs and homemade pastry.  It may cost that bit more than table salt or cheaper sea salt alternatives, but the difference is striking and for an ingredient we all use every single day, I really do recommend swapping up for this smashing salt – even if you just do so for seasoning your meat, fish and vegetables.

The original crystals pictured that I use daily are moist, chunky and stay crunchy for longer than the competition.  The chemically bitterness of regular salt is blown away by an almost zesty mineral flavour.

Keep your standard table salt for salting water for pasta and spuds but it why not have a browse of the Cornish Sea Salt selection of crystals, flakes, flavours, peppers, pinch pots and more:-


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